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Excavation Services
Demolition Services
Dump Truck Services

General Excavation Services

Our crews provide turnkey site solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial customers. Let us break ground for your new industrial facility, home, or business. We make sure the job gets done correctly and within your budget and timelines. We are a professional solutions partner in how we deliver reliable, cost-effective products and services.

Some services that we are capable of include building excavation, land clearing, and removal of unstable / unsuitable soil.

Bobcat Excavator Services

Our professional operators and wide range of equipment are capable of completing any excavation, grading, or leveling projects you have for us. We are committed to executing your scope within your timeline and budget, while staying highly organized. We offer competitive pricing that is affordable for companies looking for excavation services.

Some of the tasks Oviatt Contracting specializes in include: basement/foundation excavation, grading, retaining wall excavation, backfilling and compaction, dirt removal, trenching, and parking pad excavation and prep.

Demolition Services

The crews at Oviatt Contracting have years of experience providing comprehensive and competitive demolition (deconstruction) services for Calgary companies and homeowners. We will also make sure that your site is left spotless of debris and excess waste from your demolition while ensuring your waste is disposed of in a responsible and green manner. Our company will communicate realistic expectations to you and our people to ensure mutual accountability.

Some of the demolition services we provide include:

  • Residential/Commercial Demolition Services
  • Exterior Demolition Services
  • Pre-Construction Site Cleanup Services
  • Concrete breakout and Removal Services
  • Garage Demolition Services
  • Driveway Rip Up and Removal Services
  • Basement Demolition and Removal After Structure Move

Dump Truck Hauling Services

Our dump trucks at Oviatt Contracting are designed to carry maximized payloads so we can remove your excavated debris from your site quickly and efficiently. We hold all the proper permits in place to do so.

Our hauling and disposal services provide Calgary with a safe and reliable way to dispose of its material and debris through the course of a construction project. Our competitive rates are some of the best in Southern Alberta.


Oviatt Contracting supplies loam and aggregate materials to companies or individuals that need sand and gravel, crushed stone, and recycled asphalt delivery, recycled concrete (various sizes). These materials are used for constructing homes and businesses, as well as in the construction of our city’s utility, and transportation infrastructure.

We are one of Calgary’s finest suppliers, with many years of experience helping the city with their loam and aggregate material needs. You can trust our team to help you get the job done right.

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We have a purpose to understand the needs of our customers and the obstacles getting in their way so we can be a solutions partner delivering reliable, cost effective products and services. Call us today to receive an estimate on what your project will be. We offer competitive rates for all residential, commercial, and industrial projects we receive.